Hello traveler, where are you going?

Hallandstrafiken takes you to most places in Halland and southern Sweden. With the help of our coaches, Öresundståg, Västtågen and Krösatågen we take you to work, studies or entertainment.

Single ticket - how does it work?

You can buy your ticket with travel funds or debit card on the bus or in our ticket machines. Debit card, invoice or Swish via our mobile app. You can also buy your ticket with cash, travel funds or debit card in our customer service centers and at our retailers. 

Tickets sold in our ticketing system has a definite duration. That means you can choose to travel when you want within the validity of your ticket. Therefore you always buy your ticket in connection with your trip.

With the travel card the journey costs less

The travel card is the most popular way to travel with us. The travel card is a so-called smartcard which you can either add a season ticket to if you intend to travel frequently or top-up with travel funds if you just want to travel occasionally.

You pay for your trip with travel funds on your card – on the bus, at a retailer’s shop or in a vending machine.

The card works just like a debit card but with the advantage of giving you a 15 percent discount on all tickets. This also applies to tickets you buy for others when you travel together. When traveling by Öresundståg you must buy your ticket with the travel funds before boarding the train.

Age Categories

If you are 20 years old or older you must purchase an adult ticket. If you are younger than 20 years of age you purchase a child ticket. Keep in mind that a paying adult can bring two children (0–6 years) for free. Children above the age of six must have their own ticket.

Want to know more?

Please visit one of our four customer service centers or call our traffic information line on 0771-33 10 30, which will answer your queries. We have a large number of retailers and agents in Halland, the drivers and attendants are also able to help you. You will find good additional information on our web – hallandstrafiken.se and you can always contact us at facebook.com/hallandstrafiken.

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